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Better Bona Furniture is one of the fastest growing modern furniture manufacturers in Southern China. Its unremitting pursuit is to improve the home life quality of global customers. Taking the commitment of “life inspires us to make furniture” in the heart, Better Bona grows with the obsession with detail, which also benefits the life of every consumer.

Founded in 2009, Better Bona Furniture is a modernized factory integrated with design, production and sales based at Houjie, Dongguan specializing in producing high-end contemporary furniture. It maintains a global business network by exporting over 30 countries, including USA, Australia, Canada, France, Spain, Saudi Arabia, etc. It launched its premium Spanish overall furniture brand MODALOFT in March, 2016 and luxury interior design brand LUCAS VERNON in March, 2018. The sales network rapidly spreads to all first-tier and major second-tier cities in domestic market with more than 80 stores across China Mainland. And the numbers are still growing.


Better Bona's upholstery items combine careful choice of fabrics/leather/PU, outstanding tailoring and sewing techniques. To ensure durability of our sofas, all fabrics/leather/PU, plywood, hardwood and foam we use are carefully selected and have been put to stringent tests. We spare no efforts to make every sofa of ours comfortable, stylish and easily cleanable.

Better Bona's wood veneers are premium walnut and oak from America carefully peeled with advanced equipment into sheets of 0.6 mm thick. Every piece of wood naturally has knots, grains patterns and colour shading. The central part of a log is generally rated "BC", parts bearing knots and curvy grain are rated "AB", those on which bear quarter grain and rift grain are rated "A". Those bearing clear rift grain but no knots are rated "AA" and are the most desirable parts in a wood log. The amount of AA wood veneers on a log that can be used on furniture accounts for no more than 10% of the whole log. Better Bona uses wood veneers of grade A or higher for side panels of its furniture products. For all front panels, door panels and front parts of other furniture, we use wood veneers of grade AA, which possess naturally even colours and luster, as well as fine and long grain patterns. We choose raw materials according to the strictest standards and carefully match wood grain and colours. Each component of our products bears a unique number at the bottom and is perfectly cut in the same size.

The use of glossy finishing on furniture is another trend of modern lifestyle. The predominant colours used on furniture have kept on changing over the years, from dark to light and then back from light to dark. The finishing has also changed from a glossy look to muted hues and then back from muted hues to a glossy look. Such an evolution has been due to the need for adaption with other products used in our daily life and in the course of the evolution, there have been improvements, enhancements and upgrading from time to time. In the past, a glossy look was achieved by the use of polyethylene (PE) paints. Now, Better Bona makes the same effect on its products by using polyurethane (PU) paints (as they are commonly used on prestigious piano brands). As the initiator and catalyst used to prepare PE paints do not blend with the three primary colours, PE paints can only be used to prepare black and white colours. In addition, PE paints not only contribute to environmental pollution, but improper application process may also lead to cracking on the coating. Thanks to breakthroughs in petrochemical technologies, PU can be hardened and made tough with low vulnerability to cracks and scratches. However, to achieve a glossy effect on PU painted surfaces is not a simple work, as base materials have to be very carefully processed or scratched, lines and spots may easily appear. In order to make every surface perfectly flat and endurable, Better Bona uses Italian-made paints for its glossy products. The process involves applying three layers of ultraviolet (UV) primer and two to three layers of PU glossy top coat. Before applying another layer of paint, we ensure even thickness of the material through professional sanding and then carry out high speed polishing with wool pads. The finished PU surface is not only shiny but also perfectly flat and smooth. The heat generated in the polishing process also contributes to the resistance to scratches on the glossy surface.

Better Bona uses tempered glass for its glass products. Tempered glass is generally made from silicon dioxide, sodium oxide, aluminum oxide or boron oxide. The quality of glass highly depends on the quality of the raw material and the production equipment. High transparency glass is made from fine glass sand. If tempered glass is subjected to excess force and breaks, it will break into small, dull and relatively harmless granules. Tempered glass may break spontaneously. While the chance of spontaneous breakage caused by application of force depends on material quality and production technology, the chance of occurrence is also decided by the presence of air bubbles inside the glass. To ensure high quality and safety of our products, Better Bona only uses glass that meets international safety standards, which are 8 times as tough as ordinary glass, with heat resistance as high as 300℃, with a rate of spontaneous breakage of only 0.01%, and, when broken, with granule amount of 40 or more pieces present in area of 50mm x 50mm.


All raw materials have to undergo full quality inspection. Quality inspection will be performed at the end of each process from application of primer to completion of the final finish. A sign-off approval will be granted only when the inspection result is satisfactory. Our digitalized control system assigns a unique identification number to each process and the product can be packed only after all identification numbers form a complete serial number upon successful passing of all quality inspections. Further, sampling inspection will be carried out on packed products. As a rule of Better Bona’s quality assurance, a product will be withheld from delivery if any flaw is found in any of the production processes.

Better Bona uses state-of-the-art materials, production equipment and control techniques introduced from Germany, Italy and France as a hardware measure to ensure our outstanding quality. In addition to being produced with advanced equipment, Better Bona’s products are also crystallization of sophisticated craftsmanship. Every edge and corner of our furniture has to receive rounding processing. Every chair has to undergo repeated impact tests. Every component to be used on our products is assigned a code to facilitate the assurance of consistency of wood grains and colour.

We are attentive to every small detail with the aim of being responsible to every user, ensuring every user has a satisfied, free and easy experience in enjoying our furniture.